The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training & Leadership


Our Masterclasses provide targeted support, scaffolded strategies, and easy-to-apply tools that create extraordinary results for coaches, workshop leaders, and other helping professionals. Designed to help you bypass years of struggling on your own, these programs equip you to quickly specialize and to scale your reach with women clients.

The Accelerator Group Coaching Method

This training was created to provide comprehensive support to design your high-value group coaching offer, create your 90-day launch plan for your first program and get trained in Core Group Coaching Skills and the Accelerator Method™ structure that will enable you to attract high-value clients and create stunning results in your groups, time and time again!

You can fast-track your success by taking advantage of the best templates, done-for-you email sequences, client manuals, Accelerator Group Coaching meeting formats, group coaching skills training manuals and more…

When you complete the action steps in the training, you’ll have an outline for your first (or next) group program, along with the clarity and confidence you need about how to launch and lead it in the next 90 days!

Woman-Centered Coaching Masterclass

A 5-Module Program to Unlock Extraordinary Results For Your Female Clients — and Exponentially Increase Your Income, Recognition and Impact

Women make up 70% of the client base for coaching as well as personal and professional growth programs. As demand for coaching, therapy, healing, health consultations, and transformational courses is increasing, so are women’s expectations about the results these services can provide.

But traditional approaches in the fields of coaching, therapy, and other healing modalities are not informed by new insights from the social sciences about the barriers that hold women back.

This means there is a massive opportunity for coaches and practitioners who understand these barriers and know how to identify and release them. Coaches who can create extraordinary results for women will have a line of clients waiting to work with them—in any economy—and a huge number of referrals. They can charge a premium and receive opportunities to share their expertise on larger stages.

With our introductory training on Dr. Claire Zammit’s Woman-Centered Coaching Method, you’ll take your first step on the path to becoming one of these elite coaches. Discover the core principles and practices of Woman-Centered Coaching, and begin your training in the key methodologies that have been proven to break through women’s blocks and unleash their highest potentials.