The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training & Leadership


Each year the Institute offers several live, online immersive trainings. These are great opportunities to sharpen your skills in key areas that will grow your success as a coach, leader or change-maker.

Empowering Women LIVE!

Semi-Annual 3-Day Event

If you dream of doing something more and having a bigger impact with your life, this live, online breakthrough 3-day immersion was designed for you.

Over three days, Dr. Claire Zammit will mentor you LIVE in her proprietary 5-Step Woman-Centered Coaching methodology—which took her more than 20 years to discover, research, and develop. This unique methodology will empower you to create rapid, deep, exceptional and lasting results for your female clients, who make up a staggering 70% of the coaching and lifelong learning industry.

You’ll become equipped to create a prosperous, purposeful business, career or legacy project where you’re serving clients you love and succeeding with things you may have struggled with up until now, such as marketing and enrollment.

Join Claire and a global community of brilliant, caring women as you go behind the scenes in The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training & Leadership for this one-of-a-kind immersion.

Discover or Uplevel Your “Great Work”

During this 3-day immersion, you’ll be guided through the game-changing discovery of your “Zone of Greatness” that lies at the intersection of your unique genius and gifts, your highest contribution, and the audience you’re meant to serve.

As you move through this in-depth discovery process, you’ll be guided to access the leverage you need to bring your gifts, experience, and expertise into a specific coaching niche. With the clarity of knowing what makes you different from everyone else, you’ll be able to create products, programs, books, and more that will help you fulfill your life’s highest purpose AND create in-demand and highly valuable offerings.

By the end of this immersion, you’ll be able to craft a message that magnetizes your audience, enables you to finally be seen and heard, and allows you to step into the “Great Work” you were born to bring forth!

Winning Course Creation Bootcamp

During this 3-day immersion, Claire guides you through the process of taking your idea and turning it into a winning course using the same method that she designed and used to create more than fifteen 7-figure programs.

She’ll guide you from concept ideation to finished product, marketing, and successful launch, including principles for gamification, module design, and everything you need to know to deliver a life-changing experience that gets results and exceeds expectations.

With the principles and systems in this training, you can create a limitless number of winning courses for the rest of your career and be confident about how to get massive results for participants and elevate the value you create—as well as your visibility in the marketplace.