What is the Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching?

The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training and Leadership advances the groundbreaking woman-centered methodology developed by Dr. Claire Zammit through her decade-long doctoral research, her direct work with more than 50,000 women, and her experience creating transformational events that have touched millions of lives.

The Institute’s mission is to train and catalyze coaches, facilitators, leaders, and change-makers to become specialists in empowering high-potential women, who make up 70% of the clients and participants for the coaching and life-long learning industry.

All of our trainings are firmly grounded in a “woman-centered” learning environment, and utilize frameworks and methods that align with the ways women learn, grow, develop confidence, build deep skills and relationships, and create lasting success.

Our certification programs cultivate world-class coaches, group facilitators, authors, speakers, leaders and change-makers who specialize in empowering women and who create successful businesses, leadership roles, and projects as vehicles for their genius, their life’s work, and their self-actualization.