The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training & Leadership

Become a Coach and/or Workshop Leader, Author, Speaker and Change-maker Who Ignites Greatness in Women

You’ll be known for the depth of your presence, clarity of your insights and ability to create life-changing results by becoming a Woman-Centered Coach, Facilitator and Leader!

Feminine Power is now offering our certification programs through our newly formed Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training and Leadership!

We’ve made this change for many exciting reasons. The most important one is to clearly underscore what makes us different from other personal growth programs and coaching certification trainings.

Our program curriculum and learning design is informed by proprietary methods and technologies based on Dr. Claire Zammit’s decade-long doctoral research and work directly with 50,000+ women which are tailored specifically to women’s developmental challenges and opportunities.

A staggering 70% of the audience for coaching and life-long learning programs are women.

Very few, if any, programs or methods clearly identify and address women’s hidden power blocks and the sea-change that’s happening for millions of women who are feeling the impulse to self-actualize.

The solution is the approach we’ve developed over decades, and we’ve formed the Woman-Centered Coaching, Training and Leadership to share it with the world.

It is the Institute’s mission to train and resource women to empower women with the methods and technologies that can accelerate their rise tenfold this century.

Women don’t want to just achieve success anymore, they want to become themselves fully, unleash their gifts, discover their purpose, create deep intimacy, thriving relationships, awaken their spiritual potential and make a difference in the lives of others.

It’s impossible to create and manifest at this new level without making a shift to creating with a Feminine system of power. The barriers to accessing the power to step forward into these possibilities are rooted in a different place than most have been working.

There’s a very particular way of coaching, facilitating, leading and mentoring within a Feminine system of creation that will give women clients access to deep and powerful results if they’re wanting to create and manifest in this arena of self-actualization. It’s this method and approach that we teach in all our certification programs.


What is The Institute?

Based on the groundbreaking research of Dr. Claire Zammit in transformational learning, human potential and women’s empowerment, Feminine Power is a unique set of frameworks, principles and practices designed especially to help smart, conscious, gifted women realize their full potential and contribute their gifts at the highest level. 

Something historic and unprecedented is happening. Millions of women are leading a new stage of evolution: the shift from achievement to self-actualization.

You know you’re a part of this historic and world-changing group, because deep down you feel an impulse to realize the much bigger possibilities of your life…

“Since participating in Feminine Power, I have created a business that I love, working with change-makers and leaders around the world to actualize their missions.”


The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training & Leadership

Become a Coach and/or Workshop Leader, Author, Speaker and Change-maker who Ignites Greatness in Women


Igniting extraordinary possibilities through life-changing conversations as a successful, high impact transformational life-Coach specializing in empowering women.


Active group magic leading transformational learning communities and empowering women through workshops, retreats, women’s circles and more as a Transformational Facilitator.


Awaken the power to empower others and ignite extraordinary possibilities in the world through transformational design, high impact frameworks, collaborative skills speaking, writing, and the power to catalyze world-changing projects.

What Luminaries Are Saying...

“I have never experienced this kind of trust before. And I have never experienced this kind of support before. The support I give and receive from my Feminine Power sisters is life-changing. It is life-giving.”