If You’re a Coach, Therapist , Healing or Helping Professional, Course Creator or Consultant

Discover the 5-Step Woman-Centered Coaching Method that’s the key to getting extraordinary results for women and building a waiting list of clients, a steady flow of referrals, and becoming the go-to expert in your field


In this 3-Part LIVE Workshop series, you’ll learn the proven, research-based formula Dr. Claire Zammit developed that has allowed her to facilitate extraordinary results for women and generate close to $100 million in her coaching and online education business.

The method Claire shares in this series is the key to…

  • Increasing your rates & generating real income
  • Maintaining a steady stream of referrals & repeat clients
  • Being recognized as the go-to expert in your field
  • Greater impact with the work you were born to do

You’ll get Claire’s most VALUABLE insights that you can implement immediately:

In Workshop 1:

The Woman-Centered Coaching Revolution

There’s a REVOLUTION happening right now in the 20-billion-dollar coaching and life-long learning industry that’s creating a huge opportunity for coaches, health practitioners, business leaders, and ANYONE who helps women to thrive and succeed.

Claire will show you how to ride this wave and uniquely position yourself to create more impact and income!

In Workshop 2:

Breaking Through Hidden Barriers

During this session, you’ll discover the hidden root cause of your female clients’ lack of self-confidence, imposter syndrome, resistance, backsliding, overwhelm, and lack of follow-through.

You’ll learn how to rapidly break through those barriers, setting your clients on a trajectory of irreversible change and getting them the concrete, tangible, life-changing results they deserve.

Getting results at this level is what creates a steady flow of referrals and repeat clients at higher rates!

In Workshop 3:

The Woman-Centered Coaching Blueprint

Now it’s time to bring everything together! During this session, Dr. Claire Zammit will reveal the 5 powerful steps of her proven, research-based method for getting extraordinary results with women. These are the exact steps she used to unleash a worldwide movement reaching millions of women and build a multi-million-dollar business.

If you’re already a coach/practitioner, you’ll discover how to layer these steps directly into your existing work with clients and immediately ELEVATE the value you create—the key to raising your rates, increasing your renewals and referrals, and effortlessly attracting the clients you most want to serve.

If you’re brand new to coaching, you’ll discover the exact steps that will set you apart in a crowded marketplace and give you the foundation for a successful business empowering women.

Coaches who use Claire’s method report being able to facilitate a year’s worth of growth for their clients in a single session!

If you want to truly make a difference, you can’t afford not to learn Claire’s secrets for more effectively working with women, who make up a staggering 70% of clients in the 20-billion-dollar coaching and life-long learning industry.

Claire’s Trained Coaches Speak to the
Power of Claire’s Method:

“I applied these skills with my existing clients, and their results were exponential.”

I applied these skills with my existing clients, and their results were exponential. They were moving their businesses ahead, creating new ones, and my practice continues to thrive and grow.

How many people can say that they’re in their PRIME of life and career at age 73?!

Julia Dederer
Experienced Successful Silicon Valley Coach

“I was able to leave my CEO position and launch a thriving coaching practice of my own!”

You’re not going to find (this approach) in any traditional coaching practices.

As a result of what I learned, I was able to leave my CEO position and launch a thriving coaching practice of my own!

Callie Elwaynes
Replaced her C-Suite Income Coaching

“I’m earning 3 times the amount I was before.”

My coaching is on a different level now. My clients are getting much better results than they ever did before. I’m very close to being fully booked! I’ve never been happier in my life!

I’ve finally reached my financial goal, and I’m earning 3 times the amount I was before.

Rosemarie Ballmer
Earning 3x Her Income

“I’m headed toward a 6-figure business!”

I learned everything I needed to know to successfully build my coaching business. I’m headed toward a 6-figure business!

Jojo Bailey
Created the Career of Her Dreams

“Through these principles, I supported my organization to grow from about $10,000 to over $2 million in just two years!”

The Woman-Centered Coaching skills I learned had a direct impact on the non-profit I co-lead. I was able to support us from generating about $10,000 to over $2 million in just two years!

I have started a movement at the intersection of the arts and social justice with over 7,000 participants from 9 countries.

And I recently was asked to join the UN Permanent Forum of People of African Descent!

Adria Kitchens
Started A Movement & Stepped Onto the World Stage at the UN

About Dr. Claire Zammit

There are few women alive today who have done more to empower conscious women to actualize their potential than Dr. Claire Zammit, founder of the Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training and Leadership.

She is the leading expert in the world today on coaching women.

Her groundbreaking doctoral research on the underlying obstacles blocking intelligent, conscious women from stepping into their greatness has been praised as a seminal contribution to the advancement of women in this century.

Her organization was ranked #83 on the Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies, and since its inception it has generated nearly $100 Million in revenue and reached millions of people in more than 180 countries.

This brand-new workshop series details the paradigm-shifting approach developed in her extensive research and work coaching over 60,000 women and training of thousands of Woman-Centered Coaches, Group Facilitators and Leaders.

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